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Another experimental neighborhood-style directory.
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8/1/2019 - Since Sector City does not offer hosting (as the old Geocities did), we're considering offering resources to would-be creators on the web to help enable them to join the directory. If you have time, please consider offering your feedback on the poll found here: to help shape our potential resource offerings.

7/27/2019 - We're currently pausing new submissions as we make changes to categories and the visual representation of data. If you're interested in joining, a second wave submission survey will be posted the first week of August.. The survey for new applicants can be found at the top of this page. Thank you so much for your interest.

P.S. (For the few of you who HAVE applied and do not yet see your listing, it will be posted soon. Sorry for the delay.

Sector Descriptor Pop
Art Pop, fine, performance. 4
Food & Drink A place to wine and dine for foodies and chefs alike. 0
Crafting, Making & Construction For those who tinker, build and love to create something from the ground up. Also project logs. 0
Collectables For those who curate. 0
Comedy & Humor A place to lighten up, and leave your worries at the door. Have fun. 2
Electronics For the professional or novice electrical engineer in us. Anything including circuits, microchips, and/or radios. 1
Software Programmers, coders, and software archivers. 2
Animation 3D or 2D, full length feature or short-form. For the professional and novice alike. 1
Film & Cinema Let's all go to the movies. 0
Music For bands and fans alike. 1
Television Classic or current, this sector is for the lovers of TV and/or specific shows. 0
Literature and Writing Novelists, story-telling, fan-fiction, poetry, journalism: for lovers of the written word. 1
Genre, Science Fiction & Fantasy For the fandoms of distopias, space exploration, spells, and talking beasts. (et al.) 4
Sports A place to wear your team colors or express your love of "the" game. 1
Politics Sites for local government, election/voting resources, and demystifying bills and issues. 0
Activism & Social Justice From environmental to political to social, and everything in between. Dedicated to those dedicated to changing the world for the better. 0
Lifestyle & Travel A place for first-hand sharing of experiences on the earth. Cultural exchange, travelogs, photos, tips and musings on personal experience. 0
Miscellaneous A sector of the eclectic and casual. You can find almost anything here, particularly the one thing that isn't just right somewhere else. 13
Self care, Health & Fitness Treat yourself. 0
Puzzles & Gaming Analog or digital, tabletop or video. 3

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